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Parasound Zonemaster Model1250 Multichannel Amplifier gets rave reviews on AVHub

Parasound ZoneMaster Multichannel Amplifier Model 1250 – AVHub Review Let’s be bold here and propose something — you can never have too many amplifiers! Even if your principal system is an astonishingly high
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Audio reviewers rank Parasound with the best & our prices empower you to own the Best

     Audio reviewers rank us with the best. Our prices empower you to own the best.    6   THE ABSOLUTE SOUND 2017 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS    Product Category        
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Clarus Cables gets rave reviews

Colin Flood, reviewer for Enjoy the®, first heard a sampling of Clarus cables at an audiophile club meeting, and requested a set for himself to try on his own system.
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Screen Innovations – the First Screen into Space

Screen Innovations – THE FIRST SCREEN INTO SPACE The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently asked Screen Innovations (SI) to do something that no other projection-screen company has done: put the first
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