Atlantic Technology Ceiling Speakers

Atlantic Technology provides the best technology in ceiling speakers, bookshelf speakers and much more. Atlantic Technology take pride in separating themselves from the pack. While some companies offer a few speakers and a subwoofer and call it a “packaged home theatre system”, Atlantic takes the time and their expertise to perfectly develop a truly matched system that will provide the best end user experience.

Atlantic Technology considers four factors when developing a home theatre system: Intelligible dialog, realistic audio panning, convincing surround sound and powerful bass effects. These are the factors that appear in the movie theatre and Atlantic strives to bring them to the home. With years of expertise and the right to technology to get the job done, Atlantic is one of the best options for your home theatre setup and for all ceiling speaker functionalities.

First, you need to understand what role each speaker plays in the system.

The left and right speakers’ primary responsibility is music and off-screen sound effects. Whether it’s a Home Theater system or an old-fashioned 2-channel stereo music system (Remember those? How quaint.), the left-right speakers need to be accurate, neutral-sounding and be able to play loudly without strain. They also need to have good side-to-side sound coverage of the listening area (have “good dispersion”).

The center channel speaker actually handles as much as 80% of the movie’s soundtrack as it conveys virtually all the dialog and on-screen effects in the movie. From a speaker designer’s standpoint, the important part is getting this speaker to sound just like the left-right speakers.

We’re not aware of any other companies that address these real-world problems the way we do. We’re fast on our feet here at Atlantic. We think differently. We’re not afraid to try a new approach, even if it’s unconventional. Most importantly, we look at products as if we were the end customer: Does it sound great? Is it easy to install? Can we understand the darned instruction manual?

This is our design philosophy: great-sounding stuff, easy to use and install, with an eye to handling real-world problems. For ceiling speakers and all models of audio speakers.

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