Tributaries Titan 10m cable first to be certified 18Gbps UHD HDMI cable in the world – ensuring true 4K viewing

Network AV and  Tributaries are very  proud to announce an historical breakthrough; TheUHDT TITAN Passive, all-copper 10meter HDMI cable has been certified by both DPL Labs® and ISF® for 18Gbps performance ensuring the capability of passing a 4K/60 HDR signal.

The TITAN-10 is the longest certified passive 18G UHD HDMI cable available anywhere
in the world and we proud to be the first to offer it.

Why is passive such a big deal? As any installer knows, passive HDMI cables are always
preferred over active. In addition to incompatibility issues with other electronics, active
cables are directional and will not work if reversed. The active end of the cable must be
connected to the display and requires power to supply the on-board electronics;
typically, these cables harvest their power from unused TMDS voltages. This method
works well as long as the source which drives the 5V line has an adequate output. If the
source voltage is too low it will draw down the vital 5 volt line. Passive cables are bidirectional
and voltage agnosticmaking any long run installation simpler and more stable.

The development of the TITAN-10 passive HDMI cable is a result, in part, of
Tributaries’ development and application of patented, advanced metallurgical
engineering. This new copper formulation has high-frequency conduction characteristics
far beyond standard copper. As an HDMI signal operates at very high frequencies it
travels on the surface of a conductor with very little depth of penetration. This
phenomenon is known as “Skin Effect”.

TITAN’s advanced high-conductivity copper results in lower losses than with standard oxygen-free copper. This design has provided a method of extending the length of an 18G Passive HDMI cable from a previous longest length of 5 meters to the industry’s new,longest length of 10 meters or 32ft10in. Tributaries’ TITAN-10, UHDT 10 meter cables are 18Gbps certified by DPL Labs and ISF for reliable performance.

REMEMBER: Tributaries is the only cable company that hand-tests and validates every
HDMI cable before it is shipped.


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