Parasound launches the JC3 Jr designed by John Curl.

Parasound is proud to announce the launch of the JC3 Jr- a new, slimmer, more affordable  ‘Reference class’ HALO Phono Preamp with many of the features and benefits of the multi-award winning JC3+ !

The JC3 Jr has been designed by the legendary pre-amp designer John Curl (designer of many highly respected world class audiophile preamps).  The JC3 JR is the lowest cost product to ever bear his name.

This is what you can expect from this great new Parasound product:

  • S/N up to 94dB and THD less than 0.02%.
  • Vampire brand 24k gold plated RCA jacks.
  • Neutrik locking balanced XLR output connectors.
  • Cartridge options for a 47k ohms MM and MC.
  • Variable MC impedance adjustment of 50-550 ohms.
  • Mono switch to improve sound of mono or old LP’s.
  • Gain Select switch for balanced or unbalanced.
  • RIAA accurate to within 0.2 dB.
  • Vishay-Dale resistors in the signal path.
  • Incredible S/N ratio achieved via Aluminium internal shields.
  • High speed soft recovery bridge rectifiers and common mode inductors for the purest sound.
  • Auto turn-on via 12v trigger.

The JC3 Jr will be shipping in November, and we are now taking orders. For full specifications visit


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