Cerasonar – Beautifully invisible speakers hand crafted in Germany


Introducing the solution to that age old objection from the women in the family  “I don’t want in-ceiling speakers – I don’t want to see them” Cerasonar invisible speakers – hand crafted in Germany to be beautifully invisible and sound great.

Cerasonar are not like most other invisible speakers.  They are DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker) speakers so there is near no motion in the panels, whereas most other brands are Plymatic.  These Plymatic speakers use physical power to move the panel / membrane up and down (like a “piston”) to assist with sound. The problem here is that you can only paint over them and even then there is a high risk of cracking, even with the gypsum used.

DML  speakers do not work like this – they use exciters (transducers) and a 10mm plasterboard cover.  This is (best analogy) how a Piano makes sound.  It also gives you up to 180 degree dispersion of sound.

The biggest problems to date with invisible speakers are:

(a) They do not sound like a real speaker

(b) There are continual issues with the “cracking” in the wall

(c)  Low dispersion of sound

cerasonar invisible speakers  don’t rely on the “piston” movement to generate sound.  So you can:

  • Paint
  • Plaster
  • Fibreglass plaster
  • Wallpaper
  • Even tile….. …over the speakers.

In the end, Cerasonar sounds like a really high quality in-wall exposed speaker by combining the use of transducers and DML technology, while keeping the interior designers satisfied with their elegant invisibility.

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