Power Conditioners from Torus Power arrives in Australia

NAV proudly  announces the exclusive distribution of Torus Power products in Australia.  Torus Power are  an award winning manufacturer of power conditioners in Canada.

Torus Power utilizes exclusive technology based around transformer isolation, including noise cancellation, constant high current, medical grade surge protection, voltage regulation & smart Ethernet control.

The Torus Power secret ingredient is Plitron Toroidal Isolation transformers. Virtually all of the power line noise artifacts are eliminated through the Toroidal Isolation transformer, using patented Plitron NBT technology.

The Toroidal Isolation transformer provides high levels of instantaneous current, making sure even dynamic components (such as high power amplifiers) are never starved for power.

Torus Power Toroidal Isolation transformers also protect connected equipment from potentially damaging AC power line events, including severe lightning strikes and brownouts, thereby increasing system reliability, and extending product life.

Torus Power isolation transformers dramatically improve the performance of all audio and video systems. Connect audio equipment to a Torus Power isolation transformer and it comes alive – with more dynamics, improved imaging, and cleaner, enhanced bass. Video is crisper, with darker blacks, and brighter colours.

Torus Power isolation transformers are the consistent choice of knowledgeable audiophiles, home theatre enthusiasts, and custom electronic system integrators and designers, whose discriminating tastes and technical requirements mandate the ultimate performance and protection levels achievable.

Contact Claver if you’d like to distribute this amazing new range of products.



For full information visit http://www.toruspower.com/key-benefits-of-torus-power/

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