Audio reviewers rank Parasound with the best & our prices empower you to own the Best



 Audio reviewers rank us with the best.

Our prices empower you to own the best.


                                                                                                                  AUS RRP           Average MSRP


A 23      “This reasonably priced amp is musically quite involving.”  $1995              $46,600 AUD

A 21      “The A 21 offers a lot of power at an affordable price.”           $4995              $46,600 AUD

JC 1      “Silky-smooth, crystal clear, and abundantly detailed.”         $8995                 $46,600 AUD

JC 2 BP   “A near-reference quality product that many of us can afford.”  $8995    $22,000 AUD

JC 3 +   “Profound silence, kick-butt energy and a kiss of romance.”    $5,800        $17,400 AUD

HALO Integrated   “The building block of a glorious-sounding system.”  $4995     $ 12,000 AUD



  8  STEREOPHILE  2017 RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS               Product Category

                                                                                                                                      Average MSRP


Class A Recommended Components

  JC 1   The Halo JC 1 is one of the finest high-powered solid-state amps I´ve heard.”  $8995       $46,600 AUD

Class A Recommended Component 29 times – no other product comes close.

  JC 2 BP   “Perhaps the finest solid-state line stage I have heard,”                                     $8995         $24,700 AUD

  JC 3+ “The best commercially available phono preamplifier I´ve used period.”         $12,250 AUD

  A 31   “The sound is full, balanced and detailed and packs a wallop.”                             $6500          $10,000 AUD

   P 7    “The category killer of analog multichannel preamps or HT bypass.”                   Alone in category

  HALO Integrated    “Easy, intimate realism. A well-engineered product.”                   $4995     $15,191 AUD

  Class B Recommended Components                                                                                                                                                           

    P 5    A lot of product for the money. Excellent performance at an affordable price.”  $2195                                     

    P 7  (stereo)To say I’m enthusiastic about the Parasound Halo P 7 is an understatement.”