Clarus Cables gets rave reviews

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Colin Flood, reviewer for Enjoy the®, first heard a sampling of Clarus cables at an audiophile club meeting, and requested a set for himself to try on his own system. After having the cables for many months he shared his review of the Clarus Crimson Bi-Wire Cables. From his review:


By the end of numerous swapping and changing music and amplifiers and loudspeakers and swapping and changing again, I wanted to sit and enjoy the music with only the Crimson. They became my Catha edulis. My chew of choice. My khat. I didn’t want another drug. Superior in every pure sense, continuously cast Clarus Bi-wire Crimson loudspeaker cables help you enjoy the music.”


If you are interested in the full review follow the link:Enjoy the

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Aron Garrecht from Soundstage! reviewed a complete set-up using Clarus Crimson. After thorough testing he states:


“Within minutes, I realized that the question was no longer whether I would like Clarus Crimson line of cables, but by how much they would exceed my expectations. At all but the most ridiculously loud volume levels, I found the entire Crimson line to be the closest thing to invisible that I have heard in my system. These cables are expensive, but I have grown to respect them as no-holds-barred, reference-level products that simply tell you how it is. What more can you ask for from a high-quality cable? Highly recommended!”


The full review can be found via the link: Sound Stage
Designed by Jay Victor, renowned cable designer, the Clarus Crimson digital and analog audio Interconnects, speaker, and power cabling offer a patented design incorporating three distinctly different conductor types, each individually insulated; solid heavy-gauge conductors, flat conductors and spiral-ribbon conductors (with anon-conductive core). By designing audio and digital cables with multiple strand sizes and shapes, Clarus Cables dramatically improves clarity, resulting in more open and transparent sound.  But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself like Colin and Aron did and you’ll agree the Clarus Crimson is “The Chew of Choice!”